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"If You Build It They Will Come"

All Brand Motorcycle Show presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys and Harley-Davidson

Russ Brown Motorcycle AttorneysRuss Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

Bike Show & Builder Display
On the grass, under the palms, by the beach



Chopper (Old Skool Skooter) - Bobber - Antique - Daily Rider - Modern Chopper - Radical Design - Metric - Koolest Paint - Bagger - Sportster - British - Racer (Race Bike) - Rat Bike - Special Construction - FXR (presented by KD Customs) - DYNA - Ladies (presented by Real Deal) - Best Knucklehead - Best Panhead - Best Shovelhead - Best of Show - David Mann Memorial Award - Ross "Kiwi" Tomas Award

  • Bike Show entry is $40 and includes 1 general admission and 1 event t-shirt (shown below). The judges will choose which class(es) your bike best fits. You only need to enter it once

  • The show is "Open" to the public and is not just for builders. We have 22 classes and over 50 awards given out!

  • Best in Show wins $2500. Best Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Antique and David Mann Memorial Award win $500

  • The four "Best Of" classes will win a trophy and a Biltwell helmet of your choice

  • 1st place trophies are amazing works of art by Falu. Second and 3rd place receive ribbons

  • Please click on the Bike Show Registration Form link at the top of this page to register for the Show




Here's the Winners list 2024 ChopperFest


1st Place Tim Scott
2nd Place Sean Carter
3rd Place Charlie Parker

1st Place Landy Brakke
2nd Place 709 Cycles
3rd Place Eugene Garcin

1st Place Albert Reyes
2nd Place Glenn Bator
3rd Place Bob Ives

Daily Rider 
1st Place Samy Clark
2nd Place Carlton Cook
3rd Place Charlie Halloway

Modern Chopper
1st Place Russell Mitchell
2nd Place Spike Salton
3rd Place Eric Baez

Racer(race bike)
1st Place John Green
2nd Place Brandon Kennedy
3rd Place CDC Chris

Special Construction
1st Place Jake Roca “Sandy”
2nd Place David DuVarney
3rd Place Richard Best

FXR (presented By KD Customs)
1st Place Tom Edison
2nd Place Justin Ramos
3rd Place Devon Nelder

1st Place Trevor Hibbs
2nd Place Corey Dencouse
3rd Place Eric Roberts

1st Place Quinzy Panameno
2nd Place Shanelle Cripps
3rd Place Donna Ramirez

Rat Bike
1st Place Keith Young
2nd Place Billy Lay
3rd Place Jordan and Jen Bean

Radical Design
1st Place Jake Roca “Sandy”
2nd Place Slim Fab
3rd Place Keith Young

1st Place Masaya Kosaka
2nd Place Steve Jarvis
3rd Place Brandon Kemmeroy

Koolest Paint
1st Place Daniel Gonzalez
2nd Place William Polock
3rd Place Harpoon

1st Place Daniel Gonzalez
2nd Place Pat Grieco
3rd Place James Lord

1st Place Richard Best
2nd Place Jared Smith
3rd Place Glenn Bator

1st Place John Green
2nd Place Bob Ives
3rd Place Steve Jarvis

Best Knucklehead 
Max Schaaf

Best Panhead
Frankie Klepadlo

Best Shovelhead
Wes Pollard

Best of Show
Hawke Lawshe

David Mann Memorial Award
Sean Gallagher

Ross "Kiwi" Tomas Award
709 Cycles

Mann Kind Award
Micah McCloskey


Featured Builders


Check out the Featured Builders booths towards the front of the event. They will be displaying their latest builds, selling t-shirts and accessories. Stop by, say hi and support these guys, they do some incredible work!





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